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Shop and Dine

The unique area allows for the waterfront entertainment, retail and dining options.


The Warf Marina has floating docks of boats. Excursions available.


Ride on the Ferris wheel, check out the arcade, play putt-putt or go zip lining! Enjoy the lights and sounds of SPECTRA in the evening.

Meet Our Team

Staff Members
John Doe

John Doe


Elusive and pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Billy Williams

Billy Williams

Marketing Specialist

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Website.

Vandale Callender

Vandale Callender

Graphic Designer

Creative and able to photo-shop ideas into design.

Lane Bonney

Lane Bonney

Event Coordinator

Enthused and ready for the Top Notch takeover.


- Free admission and spectator parking | Pets are welcome -

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